Metal Baby Clothes

Metal Babies 

Looking for a metal baby outfit? One that will rock your socks off? Then you - my precious metalhead, have come to the right place! Littlerockstore drums up the best baby metal clothes in the word! Whether you’re searching for classic rock like AC/DC or to grunge bands like Nirvana, we carry various genres of heavy metal baby clothes. Go ahead, check out our Metallica, Motörhead, or Black Sabbath  shirts, onesies and hoodies.

Metal Baby clothes

The Best Baby Metal Outfits

From baby shirts to onesies to hoodies. We got you covered. We even got those adorable mini-me outfits for you and your baby too! Together you’ll be headbanging to some of the finest tunes the world has to offer! Don’t forget to keep the music volume to a reasonable level, as babies' ears are more sensitive. Other than that, have a blast! And make some crazy memories together! Our shirts, onesies, and hoodies will surely keep your little rockstar comfy and cute!

Support your favorite metal band or heavy metal artist!

Every time you place an order with Littlerockstore, you support your favorite band or artist. How cool is that? Anyone who says that (black) metal baby clothes are only for your mum and dad is wrong. With the biggest collection of metal children's clothing, you’ll surely find your favorite band or artist here. If there is anything your metal heart desires, we got it. If you can’t find it here, we’d be happy to help you find it. Our love for music knows no limits!

Drumming up all metal subgenre

Besides supporting your favorite metal or heavy band, you’ll find a huge selection of genres. We carry band tees from famous pioneers like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but also a new wave of British heavy metal like Iron Maiden and American punk rock band, Social Distortion. Even thrash metal bands such as Metallica, SlayerMegadeth, and death metal band, Amon Amarth are here crush the latest band trends.

Slaying the latest (heavy) metal bands trends

If you are looking for the best Metal Outfit for your little rocker, you have come to the right spot! Littlerockstore offers unique band clothes for metal babies. It doesn’t take much to be heavy metal! Thanks to your parents, you are instantly the coolest baby in the world. The only thing you need now is a great outfit of your own from Littlerockstore. We have the largest music collection available. Our staff knows exactly which bands are active in which countries, and will find that one band you're a major fan of.

Check out our current collection including the newest Slayer, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Slipknot, Opeth, or other Bands like Venom and many more. If you are looking for Metal Toddler and Kids clothes you are in the right place as well. If you need more inspiration check out our Littlerockstore Blog with several ideas for your baby bedroom or first birthday party!

Awesome Service & Great Quality

At Littlerockstore, you can expect top-notch quality and service. Our customer service is ready to answer all your questions and queries within 24 hours. That way you will experience little or no delay whenever you chose to shop with us. All orders are carefully packaged and posted, so all your Littlerockstore goodies are safely shipped anywhere in the world. Expect to find your package on your doorstep in no time at all! We ship worldwide and also offer express and next day shipping for Europe, Canada, and the U.S.A. That’s just how we roll.