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    Shop your Nirvana children's clothing online

    A lot of people love Nirvana because it’s one of most iconical grunge rock bands of history. That’s why a lot of people want to dress their children in Nirvana baby and kids clothes as well. And there are a whole lot of items you can get right now. From toddler shirts to kids tank tops, hoodies, even small tote bags or onesies, you can easily find amazing apparel for kids at a very good price! Browse our store now and acquire your own, fully licensed and very comfortable kids apparel!

    Alternative and grunge music fans that want to dress up their kids in Nirvana apparel. Imagine the look of awe and appreciation in the eyes of everyone else when you enter a party with your kids wearing Nirvana inspired clothing items. Our baby clothing range are not just designed with perfection and stylish, they are also very comfortable to wear. We have crafted them to perfection by choosing high quality cotton fabrics. Choose from a wide range of kids T-shirts, hoodies, baby rockers, and onesies to make your small kids look smart and elegant.

    In addition to clothes for your kids, we also have Nirvana T-shirts for fathers. Wear this T-shirt to stun everyone as you and your small kids walk into a party in Nirvana clothing. We also have mini rocker hats, bags, tank tops and lullaby CD to tell the world how much you love Nirvana and its brand of music. There are also zip hoodies with the logo of the band at the front. All these products are fully licensed and exclusively available at littlerockstore.

    Nirvana biography

    Nirvana is maybe one of the most popular grunge bands in the world. The band was formed in 1987 and they stopped in 1994 after the dead of Kurt Cobain. Despite not having a very long life and with just 3 studio albums, this band managed to redefine rock and roll, created a new genre and they also initiated the alternative rock genre that’s still going very strong at this particular time.

    The thing that makes Nirvana stand out is their unique approach towards rock. The alternative appeal made them distinct, and that did bring in front some very interesting benefits to all listeners. Not only did people connect with the lyrics, but the instrumental side of things was very impressive and downright astonishing in its own right.

    Nirvana is a name that needs no introduction for the lovers of rock and roll music. This band from Aberdeen, Washington has touched the hearts of music lovers from around the world. Nirvana had a short career lasting for just 7 years. They produced just 3 studio albums in this time. However they are still regarded as one of the most influential music brands of the last century. Maybe it has to do with their melodious music and meaningful lyrics that touched the hearts of their fans around the globe.

    Nirvana sold more than 25 million records in the US and more than 75 million records worldwide. This is indeed very impressive if one considers how short-lived the band really was. They are also included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as soon as they became eligible. This goes to show how important the band really is for the rock and roll genre.

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