10 awesome child-friendly rock anthems

It’s never too early to start introducing your kid to your love of rock music. You just don’t want to expose them to the whole gamut of lyrics that come with the genre yet. That’s why we selected these 10 awesome child-friendly rock anthems, giving you some solid rock tunes to headbang and roar along to together, without a care in the world. 

10. Van Halen - Jump

Wacky haircuts, weird outfits, a chorus that they’ll be singing along to in a heartbeat ... kids and Van Halen's "Jump" are a match made in heaven.


9. Spiderman Theme - The Ramones

Has your little one already got a cool Ramones shirt or romper? If so, this track is obviously a must-listen. The flashy Spiderman video will have them enjoying the song even more.


8. Bohemian Rhapsody - The Muppets

OK ... we could just as well have chosen Queen. But the Muppets’ rendition of this classic rock recording is just too much fun to leave out and let them miss. Be sure to check out Alice Cooper’s guest appearance as well.

7. The Who - Pinball Wizard (and Magic Bus)

This is another classic definitely not to be left out of this top ten: The Who’s Pinball Wizard.

6. AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

A bit heavier on the guitars than the previous song, but this is rock history 101 as far as we’re concerned.  AC/DC is still alive!


5. Foo Fighters - Times Like These (acoustic)

Pinkpop 2015 proved that the Foo Fighters are loved by young and old alike. If you want to keep things a little quieter for your little one, you’re guaranteed to make them happy with this song.

4. Hevisaurus - Juranoid

The Finnish band Hevisaurus’ dinosaur getups are sure to impress children right away. Their music is as far removed from jingly children’s songs as humanly possible, though. Good education if you ask us. The only drawback is that the lyrics are in Finnish.

3 All my friends are insects - Weezer

Looking for a safe way into punk rock for your kids? The band Weezer made this funny rock song, with its hilarious video, a few years ago.

2. Cape of a hero - Volbeat

Obviously, it’s no secret to your kiddo that Daddy’s a superhero ;). This Volbeat track is on the harder side, with a solid groove, meaningful lyrics and nothing that needs to be bleeped out.

1. Smells like a teen spirit - Nirvana

Many 90s parents won't mind at all ... Our number 1. Great stuff to dance to, yell along with and go crazy to, but with a clear message for older kids.