Girls will be girls. Your daughter claims that a pink tutu matches an Iron Maiden shirt perfectly. Now tell her she’s wrong. We previously selected cool rock haircuts for boys but, of course, there are cool haircuts for girls too. Littlerockstore had a special team of ‘ladies’ to join in the adjudication and these haircuts made the final strict selection round ;).

Rock haircuts for girls

Gone are the days when cool haircuts were meant only for boys. Madonna, Pat Benetar and Pink have made clear statements with their haircuts during the past few years. Long and dyed or short and undercut Mohican hairstyle - girls are free to choose any of them.


Maybe the real mohican is going a little bit too far for your daughter but she might want one ‘every now and again’. Luckily, you can make one yourself, without even needing a pair of scissors. Divide the hair into sections and tie it up in loose pigtails, which you can then tie to another again.


Dip dye for girls

Maybe you don’t want to expose your little girl’s scalp to hair dye products but would still like to allow her to add just a cool touch to her hair. Dye only the ends! This dip dye also comes in handy if your little princess suddenly prefers green to red. Go for temporary hair dye.

Festival plaits or rockabilly style for girls

Many girls are extremely attached to their long hair. A little creativity goes a long way to making hair look completely different for a party or a festival. Have a look at these examples. There are long and cool rock haircuts for girls. What about plaits in the form of a pentagram or just like mamma rockabilly with a bandana and curl? Ohhh yes.