Band shirts for kids: not a fashion trend!

For a very long time, rock kids were wearing regular or rather childish themed shirts. But in recent years, more and more parents are dressing their child in rock band shirts. Many parents like the idea of dressing up their child in a bandshirt, as it’s visually interesting and it also shows that the child (or child’s parents) like a certain band. This is one of the reason why kids and babies dress in band clothes right now.

Is this a trend or not?

It’s not like everyone is dressing their child in music merchandise. But if parents like a certain artist, they can easily get a custom-made onesie or shirt for their child. The best part is that parents can also wear shirts like that, so the entire family can have a similar attire, which is quite interesting and unique in its own right.

Duo rocksets parents and kids

Rules when wearing band clothes

You have to make sure that a particular print is appropriate for children. There are lots of bands whose message and shirt images aren’t appropriate for kids. That’s why the primary concern is to find the right band that has a proper message which is suitable for kids. It sounds harder than it is.

In addition, you want these clothes to be made from high-quality materials. After all, your child’s safety is at stake here. That’s why you want clothes which offer breathability and a very good quality as a whole.

If possible, the brand message/logo should be made from quality materials too. Some band shirts can’t withstand being washed more than 1-2 times, which is unfortunate because there are always some great features to be had in there.

What types of band clothes are there?

As you can imagine, there are plenty of prints you can put on a shirt. You have metal, punk, pop and also rock bands. Then there are indie bands too. So yes, there’s a huge amount of bands you can opt for, so it’s up to you to make the right pick. Again, think about how your child will look in those shirts if they are appropriate or not.

Wearing t-shirts from bands, you don’t know as a kid

Some kids will be forced to wear shirts with a certain band. But the reality is that every parent should offer their child some exposure to that band. This way a child gets to understand what the band does, what music it delivers and so on. Plus, if the child gets to wear a band shirt, he can choose a band that he/she likes. Of course, there are also situations when a child will be offered a band shirt, and he/she will wear it because their parents like it.

In the end, band shirts for kids are a good idea if you or your kids loves music. They come in a variety of prints and sizes. Check out our collection of kids band clothes and get yours now!