Do your kids jump for joy when you tell them about a new concert or do you personally play in a band and want to take your child with you sometime? It can get rather tough during live concerts - and then we’re not just talking about the mosh pit ;-) Good-quality hearing protection for children during concerts is certainly no unnecessary luxury.  But what are all the things you need to consider?

When is hearing protection necessary?

It goes without saying that you don’t need to provide your children with hearing protection when you play background music at home. But exposing your child to a concert or to playing your favourite new CD or record at maximum volume can have consequences.  Even sound over 80dB can cause hearing loss. Seeing that we know that the volume at an average concert soon reaches approximately 115 dB, we won’t start preaching about “good parenting” ;).

What is the correct type of hearing protection for kids?

Does it feel rather unnatural to provide your two-year-old with ear plugs? Perfectly correct! Because of the danger that babies and toddlersmay swallow and therefore choke on ear plugs, these are most certainly not recommended for such little ones. It’s better to opt for ear muffs for them. These days, there’s even hearing protection with an elastic headband which you can fit comfortably around a baby’s head.

There are various types of in-ear plugs for children of about six years old. These have been made specifically for their narrower ear canal. There are now also ear plugs specially designed for music, which protect children’s ears but with which the kids can enjoy music to the fullat the same time. This is actually a great idea. However, we also noticed that many kids up to the age of about 12 often still prefer ear muff hearing protection.  And you must admit, these days there are really cool ear muff models on the market.

Protect like a rock star, cool hearing protection for kids

So, when we talk about cool hearing protection for kids, these are our favourites:

Baby Banz

We’re not the only ones who love the Baby Banz hearing protectors for kids: Jay-Z also provides his little Blue Ivy with a beautiful blue model.


With its Muffy ear muffs and Pluggies, Alpine has a good hearing protection solution for both small and bigger children.  The shape of the Pluggies is adjusted to children’s smaller ear canal and this makes them fit more comfortably and still provide protection.  Muffy ear muffs come in various models.


We find the ear muffs of Em’s the hottest ever. The headbands make them fit perfectly around the little ones’ heads. What’s more, the various prints also make these ear muffs a real fashion item ;).

Not only is proper hearing protection for children during concerts necessary but it can alsomake a perfect match with a rock star-worthy outfit. Now, that’s something we really like :D.