Right now, organising a baby shower is the thing to do. And of course, it’s great fun when the baby shower comes as a surprise to the pregnant lady. But what if your best friend is a genuine metal head? Then you’ll obviously have to organise a metal-themed baby shower. Carry on reading if you want to know how!

First decide whether or not the baby shower should be a surprise. If it should, you’ll have to discreetly find out who your friend would like at her baby shower. Figure out where you should have the baby shower. Should it be at your pregnant friend’s home or somewhere else? Then set a date and make sure that your friend keeps it free. You might have to tell a few white lies!

Then, time for the invitations. You can send out invitations by email, but it’s much more fun to make your own. This is where you can kick off the metal theme. If you’re not very good at making your own invitations, take a look at this website!



Décor for your heavy metal baby shower

Your décor will obviously involve a metal theme. You can use black and red balloons, streamers and pompoms, as well as other party accessories. And it would be amazing to have T-shirts, featuring the soon-to-be mother’s favourite metal bands, on hand for the invited guests.



Metal-flavoured food and drink

The cake is extremely important! Make sure that you get an awesome cake themed on the future mother’s favourite band. A red velvet cake perfectly matches the metal theme. If you’d prefer not to have a cake, then cupcakes are a great alternative!

Other delicious heavy metal snacks to be enjoyed during the baby shower include mini hamburgers, mini pizzas, chicken wings, spare ribs and chips.


Metal-themed activities for your baby shower

Although there are many options when it comes to a baby shower, those original baby shower games mustn’t be forgotten. We recommend that you choose three games at most. We’ve listed the best ones for you here.

- Metal-style baby onesie painting: buy a few black or white baby onesies and some fabric paint in a selection of colours. Black, white and red are must-have’s. Now create your own baby grows featuring your favourite metal bands. Click here for some inspiration. 

- Arrange belly painting for the mother-to-be: give the future mother an on-the-spot belly painting as a gift, with a heavy metal theme the obvious choice. And it’s also fun to take along some face paint, with all the guests painting the future mother’s belly together. Don’t forget to take pictures!

- Baby photo guessing game: ask everyone to bring their funniest baby photos and get the future mother to guess who is who. Laughter guaranteed!

- Guess which heavy metal parent I am: write the names of famous heavy metal mums and dads on cards. Everyone gets a turn to pick a card and uses clues to explain the name on card. The others have to guess the name.

- Baby food tasting: blindfold the mother-to-be and get her to taste different pots of baby food. She has to guess the flavour.


Gifts for the future mother

Of course, gifts are an essential part of your baby shower. Buying one large gift from everyone is a great idea, but it’s also fun to give the soon-to-be mother a hamper filled with smaller gifts! And, for even more fun, put together a separate hamper with around ten gifts that the mother-to-be can only open once she’s given birth. A gift for every day. But what gifts should you give a heavy metal mum?

It would be nice to give the future mother baby onesies, baby T-shirts, baby hoodies or bibs emblazoned with her favourite band. And how about a matching T-shirt for mum herself? A heavy metal nappy bag would also make an awesome gift. Or what about a Motörhead or Slayer rockabye baby CD? All-in-all, there are plenty of gift options for the future mother and her baby!


If you have any other great baby shower ideas for hard-core metal or rock mums, please share them with us in the comments section below!