Top 50 Rock and Metal inspired baby names

One of the best things about choosing baby names is that this can be an exciting journey. If you’re a fan of rock and metal, you will find that there are some very good baby names that will bring in front your love for music in general.  

The thing to keep in mind about rock baby names is that they are unique and cool at the same time.  And the best part is that you have a plethora of good names to choose from. It’s not simple to find some good alternative baby names. A lot of rock stars don’t want to share their real name, so they use the stage name. But it all comes down to seeing what happens well beyond the regular stuff and how you can obtain some great opportunities.

What you will love about these great baby names is that they are different than standard names. Most of the music baby names are all about following either the name of a band, the name of musicians in that band or the name of an album that you liked. But you don’t have to refrain to just the name of a band you love, you can also go and borrow a name from the band members.

You can also go for the stage names and not the real names of the artist. But ideally, you will notice that the best rock names are the shorter, simpler ones. You don’t want to go with the too complex ones. Each one of these names represents metal and rock band member names. In fact, most of the time these will outline the name of those persons that are actually headlining the band, which is really cool in its own perspective. You can also choose local band names or other music baby names that you feel to be more appropriate.

Check out the Top 50 Rock Babynames below: 

  1. Alexandria
  2. Judas
  3. Majesty
  4. Rush
  5. Slayer
  6. Angus
  7. Harris
  8. Ozzy
  9. Page
  10. Randy
  11. Rex
  12. Anthrax
  13. Rudolf
  14. Tommy
  15. Lee
  16. Lars
  17. Ace
  18. Abigail
  19. Ari
  20. Anthony
  21. Dave
  22. Eric
  23. Angel
  24. Greg
  25. Glenn
  26. Hudson
  27. Lee
  28. Lucas
  29. Mike
  30. Nancy
  31. Kristy
  32. Sid
  33. Steve
  34. Alice
  35. Theo
  36. Lux
  37. Milo
  38. Patty
  39. Daniel
  40. Jesse
  41. Ian
  42. Austin
  43. Blaze
  44. Corey
  45. Frost
  46. Fred
  47. Five
  48. Dio
  49. Gunnar
  50. Rose


So, if you’re a band lover, you should totally give these baby names a shot. They are amazing and among some of the best out there. Don’t be afraid to use metal baby names or rock baby names.