How can you make your rock star’s children's party unforgettable? By organising a real “rock style” children’s party yourself! Littlerockstore has collected the greatest decorations and tips to let you hold a rocking party that all the kids will remember for life.

Stylish Rock Party invitations

A kids party "rock style" does, of course, start with the right invitation. You can look for a rock style card, you can have one made or you can make one yourself! How cool is that! Ask your guests to prepare for a real rock party and come dressed in style.

 Rockstar party invitations

This is a great chance for the birthday rock star to put on his or her full outfit even before the invitations are handed out. They can wear a kids rock band shirt and a pink tutu or ripped jeans and, say, put the cards in this awesome KISS Lunch box as a final touch.


Welcome, VIP!s! Cool Birthday Party decorations Rockstyle

Obviously, all the little guests are treated like superstars at this rock party. Go ahead and decorate the entrance to the party with a home-made red carpet and balloons. We also offer tons of garlands and other decorations to add style to the room. Dress up the table in a black, star-spangled tablecloth and cover it with loads of treats, inflatable guitars and glitter. And.... maybe Daddy would even like to put on a suit and sunglasses and see to security at the door ;).

Kinder rock feest slingers


Have your birthday rock star steal the show once again in a legendary AC/DC kids t-shirt or keep it classy by going to the party together in one of these Duo Rocksets

Games and activities for children’s rock star parties

As soon as all the guests have arrived it’s time to go to the VIP corner, where they’ll get extensions, or a dyed strand for the boys, fake tattoos and cool glasses.

VIP Only kids party decoration Kids tattoes and extensions party

Those who are ready can move on to making their own guitar. Be sure to provide enough coloured paint, glitter, markers and other decorations. You can find plenty of guitar templates on the internet. Print them out on thick paper or stick them on cardboard.

After this, it’s time to have a picture taken, as befits real rock stars: glasses on, everyone, guitar in hand and put on your craziest, coolest face! You can make your own beautiful backdrop or have the kids all pose on the red carpet.

Other fun daytime activities include rock karaoke, musical chairs to a rock soundtrack, making music or holding a dance-off. 


Dining in style at your rock star Party

Hard partying makes you hungry. Apart from a rock cake, you can obviously offer the rock stars a lot more in the way of themed treats.

Here are a few examples:

  • Mini burgers
  • M&Ms as Rolling Stones
  • Fruit punk
  • Cake pops in the form of little microphones
  • Liquorice wheels in the form of LPs


Rockparty candy

Guitar cake kids rock party ideas


A rocking memento

It’s time to go home. Of course everyone gets to take a little memento with them. We were thrilled with this mix CD with the birthday boy or birthday girl’s 5 favourite rock songs.


thank you cards kids rock party


Have you already given a rock style children’s party? Share what you did and inspire others in the comment section!

Let's Rock and Roll!

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